Frequently Asked Questions

What Cards Do You Accept?

We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard & AMEX as well as payment either via Direct Deposit, Cheque or Money Order, at this stage we do not accept payment via Paypal or Bitcoin However we expect to accept Bitcoin shortly ;-)

What Will Appear On My Bank Statement?

The name ETC Bookshop, Horsham, VIC, 3400 will appear on your statement, obviously it bears no relation or implied relation as to what you may be purchasing (trading name decided upon with that in mind) & the Horsham bit, long story ;-)

Can I Send You A Payment?

Yes you can, we accept payment via cheque or Money Order and it can be made out to either Buff Promotions or Barefax and sent to our mailing address @

Buff Promotions
P O Box 4167
East Richmond
VIC 3121

Just make sure you put your order number (a 4 digit number) down as a reference point please.

Availability of Items

We endeavour to keep all items in stock at all times, however sometimes the situation may arise where we may be out of stock of a particular item. If it is the case that your order includes an out of stock item we will notify you and make alternative arrangements. You will not be charged until your order ships. In the event that you do not reply after a reasonable time period we will send your order minus the out of stock item with the total charge reflecting the value of only the items actually shipped.


All items are packaged discreetly, with a return address showing our company name (Buff Promotions), which makes no indication as to the type of product contained therein.


All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars, should any extra payment be required i.e. overseas shipping etc, it will be charged in Australian Dollars. GST will be added when the order is completed at the order page but it is only payable on orders shipped to an Australian address. All pre-paid orders i.e. credit card, cheque or money order include shipping within Australia (see Shipping) via Express Post using Australia Post. If you choose to pay via Australia Post's Cash On Delivery system additional postage and handling charges will apply (see details below under shipping).


All items are sent via Australia Post Express Post if the order is paid via cheque, credit card or money order. This provides next day delivery to all capital cities within Australia except Darwin, as well as some surrounding areas and certain regional areas. Please check with Australia Post to find out if you are within the Express Post next day delivery area. Courier mail delivery is also available on request.

If you choose payment via the Cash On Delivery option then the item(s) will be sent via parcel post and will require payment for both the item and shipping to be made at your nearest Post Office. Australia Post will mail you a card to notify you that your item is available for pickup. Australia Post charges a fee for this service, which is in addition to the cost of the items being purchased.

We do ship overseas and customers will be offered a choice of shipping methods and prices for each order.

All clients are notified via email when their order is dispatched. The corresponding parcel number of their order is also sent if the item is sent via Express Post, C.O.D. or EMS Courier.

C.O.D. clients are also notified of the total amount that will be payable to Australia Post when they collect their item.